Ideas For Summer Camp Themes

If you are running out of themes this summer, here are some ideas that may help spark your creativity:

  • Dress up day – The options are limitless. Campers and staff can dress up like celebrities, superheroes, hippies, pirates, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, or ancient Greeks. You can have a day where everyone is mismatched or in their Pajamas. They can make stilly hats in arts and crafts and wear them on the same day. Don’t forget Halloween is awesome in the summer!
  • Contests – You can create a contest for anything. Best costume on dress up day, fastest up the climbing tower, who can make the funniest noises using just their voice and arms, who cooks the most delicious meal, or which cabin has the most creative theme and decorations.
  • Talent Contests – Pick a show like ‘America’s Got Talent’ or ‘American Idol’ and make it your own replacing ‘America’ with your camp name. You can also have a contest where the contestants are the counselors and the campers are the judges.
  • Everyone has a Birthday – Play typical birthday games like potato sack races, racing with an egg on a spoon, and pin the tail on the donkey. Let everyone decorate their own cake and swap gifts (everyone gets a gift).
  • Carnival – Rent a dunk tank and have the campers toss a bean bag into the target and dunk the counselors and directors. You can also have prizes for a pie eating contest, target shooting, guess how many beans are in a jar, and 3-legged races. Serve carnival food like funnel cake, candied apples, corn dogs, and popcorn.
  • Host a Luau – Decorate the area with tiki torches and palm trees. Everyone should wear grass skirts and leis. Play games with pineapple races and have a limbo contest.
  • Comedy Night – The counselors and directors put on a comedy show. Make fun of each other! It’s all in good fun.